1916 * Advertising Original "Campari Cordial" in Passepartout

16.1500 EUR


Vintage Advertising – Original in Passepartout
Category: Campari
"Campari Cordial”
Subject: Original advertising print extracted from vintage publication and trimmed
Publication year: 1916
Print format approximately: 17 x 16 cm
Format Passepartout approximately: 25 x 35 cm
Image: Coloured
Illustrator: x
Excellent general conservation with possible signs and defects of use and vintage, blooms, browning, bending, small cuts, creases and various marginal defects visible from the image and caused, of course, the authenticity of the object.
Conditions as photo and description

Technical Details:

1916 * Advertising Original "Campari Cordial" in Passepartout

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