Payment Methods

You can choose the most appropriate type of payment when filling in your order.

PayPal PayPal lets any company or consumer with an email address send and receive payments in a secure way.
Use the link " PayPal " for secure access to the Paypal web site. If you already have a PayPal account, all you have to do is authorize the payment. PayPal is free to use for online payments.
Credit card If you wish to pay for the goods by credit card, follow the relevant procedure, and at the end of the same you will receive a message confirming the payment.
Valory S.r.l. has no access to sensitive data concerning your credit card as the payment is made using the secure PayPal payment circuit.
Bank transfer

If you wish to pay by bank transfer, pay the amount indicated in the “order confirmation” mail to the Current Account:

Intestazione: Valory SRL

IBAN: SM84U0328709804000040306076

Enter your name and the order code in the description of payment
N.B. To speed up delivery times, remember to send a fax or email with a copy of the payment receipt.

Credit Poste-Pay card If you wish to pay for the goods using the Italian Post Office PostePay system, you should credit the amount to the PostePay card number indicated in the order confirmation mail.

If you require an invoice, indicate your VAT n. with the order and specifically request the invoice in an email.